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Application for the Honor Award for Accreditation Managers
Please complete and submit the online application below to apply for your Honor Award accreditation certificate and challenge coin (if you have not yet received one). Applicants must be a member of the Coalition in good standing in order to have their application considered. There is no cost associated with applying for this award.
  Applicant's Last Name:
  Applicant's First Name:
  Applicant's Email Address:
  Re-enter Email Address:
  Full Name of Organization:
  Street Address:
  ZIP Code:
  Do you have the Challenge Coin?
  Number of Awards:
    Note: Number of awards refers to the exact number of times you have been the primary or secondary accreditation manager for your organization successfully achieving accreditation. This determines the amount of service Stars that will be placed on your Honor Award certificate.
  Most Recent Hearing Date:
    Note: This is the date of your most recent hearing before your accrediting body, which will indicate your most recent accreditation or re-accreditation date for your Honor Award certificate.
  CEO's Name:
  CEO's Email Address:
  Re-enter Email Address:
    Note: Your CEO may be contacted to independently verify the above information.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at any time.
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