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2017 Police Accreditation Conference

The 2017 New Jersey Police Accreditation Conference will be held for two days beginning on November 2, 2017 at the Friend Center for Engineering on the campus of Princeton University in Princeton, New Jersey.

The conference will provide accreditation managers with twelve (12) accreditation and six (6) professional development classes that cover many aspects of the CALEA and New Jersey law enforcement accreditation programs. 

We are proud to say that nowhere else in the United States can an accreditation manager attend so many accreditation specific seminars, of such detail, in any one place over a two day period

Information for Attendees and Vendors


2017 Conference Tuition

NJPSAC Members:

Agency Membership:

$299.00 for two students*
$145.00 for each addtional student*

Accreditation Manager Membership:

$299 per student

$350 per student

*Note: This discount system was established to encourage agencies to send more than one attendee to receive advanced accreditation training.  The more training accreditation managers and their teams have the better a predictor it is they will have a successful onsite assessment.  For $299.00 an agency is permitted to send two (2) students.  If they register only one, the price is still $299.00.    Each additional student enrolled, after the original two (2), will be billed at $145 per student.  Example:

Agency 1
Agency 2
$299.00 Student 1 - John Smith   $299.00 Student 1 - John Smith
  Student 2 - Joe Smith     Student 2 - None
$145.00 Student 3 - Al Smith   $299.00 Total
$444.00 Total      
Accreditation is Professional Excellence
Princeton University Department of Public Safety
CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation
Kinnelon Police Department
NJSACOP Law Enforcement Accreditation
Saddle River Police Department
NJSACOP Law Enforcement Accreditation
Monmouth County Sheriff's Office
CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation
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