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2018 Policing & Accreditation Conference Registration

November 29 - 30, 2018

Resorts Casino Hotel
Atlantic City, New Jersey
2018 Conference Tuition

NJPSAC Members:

Agency Membership:

$249.00 per student

Accreditation Manager Membership:

$349.00 per student

$349.00 per student

Step 1 - Complete all the registration Form Fields below and press Submit.

If you need to change a student after registering please email us.
Step 2 - When you press submit you will be taken to the Confirmation web page if your registration was received successfully. You only need to register students once. Each student will receive a comprehensive agenda via email about two weeks before the conference.
Step 3 - The person listed in the "Billing Contact Name" box below will be emailed an invoice. When you receive the conference invoice please return it with an approved Purchase Order or Check (made Payable to NJPSAC) to the following address:
Attn: Conference Billing
174 Nassau Street, PMB 175
Princeton, NJ 08542
Note: All cancellations must be in accordance with the Conference Refund Policy.

Purchase Order Policy: Registrations must be guaranteed in advance of the conference by payment or a purchase order. On the first day of the conference, either a purchase order must have been submitted or brought with the student for the student to attend.
Enter Agency and Billing Information
Full Agency Name: * (e.g. Anywhere Police Department)
Billing Address: *
City: *
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ZIP Code: *
Phone Number: * (Format: 9085551212)
Billing Contact Name: * (Name of person completing this form)
Email Address: *
Confirm Email Address:
Purchase Order Number: (Not Required to Register)
  Purchase Order Policy: On the day of the course, either a purchase order must have been submitted or brought with the student for the student to take the course.
Policy Confirmation * I agree to and will abide by the Refund and Purchase Order Policies.
Confirm Conference Information
Conference ID:
Conference Start Date:
Conference Name:
Tuition Amount: *
Enter Student(s) Information
  Last Name: First Name: Email Address:
Complete Conference Registration
Please take a moment to review all the above information to make sure it is correct. When done complete the math problem below and press the submit button. You will be redirected to the registration confirmation page.
Captcha: 6 + 6 = (Solve the math problem to continue).
Notice: by pressing submit you agree to the understanding that the conference speakers and topics are subject to change at any time.  There is no guarantee that a particular speaker will be in attendance or topic covered due to unforeseen circumstances prevalent in our profession.  No refunds, partial or full, will be given for the aforementioned.

Additionally, by pressing submit you agree to allow the NJPSAC to share student names, organization affiliation, and contact information with conference vendors.
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