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Becoming a Member of the Coalition / Services We Provide


The New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition is an association for the professional development and support of Accreditation Managers.  As part of our mission, the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition is dedicated to assisting law enforcement agencies, public safety training academies, and public safety communications centers in achieving and maintaining accreditation through the Commission on the Accreditation of Law Enforcement Agencies (CALEA) and the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP).

The” Accreditation Manager Membership” is free.  Each accreditation manager for any organization is permitted to have their own user account with the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalitions’ website.  Any active duty accreditation manager who is employed by an organization actively enrolled in an accreditation process which is supported by the Coalition may establish membership.  The areas that are available and free of charge in the Accreditation Manager Membership include Regulatory Changes / Legal Updates / Emerging Liability Issues / Professional Updates.    Within this membership type, Accreditation Managers will be able to register for any of the outlined training or services for the fee listed.

The Coalition has an enhanced membership type, “Agency Membership.”  An Accreditation Manager may elect to enroll in the “Agency Membership”  to access the Coalition’s full range of services and benefits.  Some of these benefits include Quarterly Policy and Proof Analysis Workshops for NJLEAP Program, Pre-Assessment Review of Accreditation Files, etc…

Once an accreditation manager chooses “Agency Membership” status, all of the user accounts for all other members of their organization will be elevated to that status.  This change enables them to access the full range of benefits and services as well as additional information in the member’s section of the website.

The full range of services and benefits for each of the two (2) membership type are listed below.  Once you review them, you may click on the “Create a User Account” link below to begin your membership. 


Choose Membership Type and Create an Account

Accreditation Manager Membership (No Cost)
Agency Membership ($300.00 per year)
Note: an "Agency Membership" may be paid for by an agency or an accreditation manager. An accreditation manager may change their membership type at any time. For more information contact us.

Membership Types with Benefits and Services Explained


Real Time Working Group for Accreditation Managers

The Coalition maintans a “working group” on Facebook Groups for our Accreditation Manager members who hold an Agency Membership.  The purpose of the group is to bring all our Accreditation Manager members together in one place where we can discuss compliance and policy issues in real time.  You can join the group by clicking on the link below. When registering to join the group, you will need to supply your name and department’s name; this is to assure confidentiality.  Unknown registrants will be required to prove their employment with a law enforcement organization that is an Agency Member of the Coalition.    You will need a Facebook account to join; it’s free.

Agency Membership: Free
Accreditation Manager Membership: Free
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Regulatory Changes / Legal Updates / Emerging Liability Issues / Professional Updates

Accreditation managers need to monitor continually evolving laws regularly, regulations, appellate and supreme court cases, liability issues, accreditation standard updates, accreditation standard interpretation issues, to only name a few, in order to keep their organization compliant and out of legal trouble.  This task has been assumed by the staff of the Coalition.  As an essential service, we provide this information to accreditation managers on an ongoing basis. These updates are delivered to members in emails, periodic publications, and webinars.

Agency Membership: Free
Accreditation Manager Membership: Free
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Peer Review Workshops for the NJLEAP Program

On a quarterly schedule, in each region of the state (north, central, and south), the Coalition conducts a formal 4-hour peer review training session for accreditation managers.  Peer review workshops are an essential part of an organization’s success.  It is during these workshops that accreditation managers can bring accreditation files or laptops with access to their PowerDMS Standards program to have them reviewed by peers under the direction and control of experienced accreditation managers and assessors.  This process aids in developing an accreditation manager’s experience level by exposing them to another organization's policies and proofs.  It requires them to analyze what it means to comply with and prove standards outside the comfort level of their own organization.  They learn from real-world experience guided and mentored by other experienced members. Accreditation managers can bring whatever files they want to have reviewed.  It is strongly recommended that they bring files they have a problem with or files that they feel are ready for review by NJSACOP assessors.  Attendees are required to pre-register for the workshop. 

Agency Membership: Free
Accreditation Manager Membership: $49 per session
Non-Members: $99 per session

Pre-Assessment Peer Review of Accreditation Files

Before you deliver your completed accreditation files to your assessor for official review, they should be checked for critical and fatal errors or omissions that could result in the loss of your accreditation status.  If an assessor finds one of these issues during their off-site review, it will be a serious problem for you and your agency.  Our team of professionals, trained in their specific standards, will review your files for matters such as this and bring them to your attention in any official capacity. 

Agency Membership: Free
Accreditation Manager Membership: $1,999
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Facility Assessment: Initial

Facility compliance and potential modifications / costs are one of the most important pieces of information a Chief of Police needs to know. The initial facility inspection, conducted over an 8-hour period, will provide a documented gap analysis detailing where the organization is presently and what they will need to do in order to pass an accreditation onsite assessment.

Agency Membership: $499.00
Accreditation Manager Membership: $999.00
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Facility Inspection: Pre-Assessment

The single most problematic area for any assessment is the facility inspection.  The Coalition aims to prevent these types of problems by performing a 4-hour systematic walk-through of a candidate department’s facility and utilizing a comprehensive checklist perform a thorough inspection just prior to an agency’s official visit by assessors.

Agency Membership: $249.00
Accreditation Manager Membership: $499.00
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Assessor Interpretation Review

Assessors are human and their degrees of experience and training vary widely.  From time to time, it has been seen that a standard or what is required of a standard, has been misinterpreted by an assessor.  When an agency who is a member of this accreditation coalition retrieves their files with notes from an accreditation assessor, the Coalition will help them navigate what the “real” issues are, mitigate or correct them, or assist them to defend against a misinterpretation.

Agency Membership: Free
Accreditation Manager Membership: $499.00
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Post-Assessment Analysis

Rarely, an agency forgoes all outside help and decides to achieve accreditation on their own.  While we firmly recommend against this, it still happens.  In these cases, we will assist a member agency to review its final report, noted shortcomings, and help them in preparing a plan to get back on track to successful accreditation. 

Agency Membership: $499.00
Accreditation Manager Membership: $2,499.00
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Forensic Audit of Official Assessment

Official assessments don’t always go as planned, especially if an organization is not a member of the Coalition. We will, at an organization’s request, perform a forensic audit of their official assessment, either in part or in its entirety, to determine if a standard or standards were properly applied to their agency by an official assessor. We will provide the Chief of Police with a comprehensive written report of our review team’s conclusions to consider and act upon.

Agency Membership: $2,499.00
Accreditation Manager Membership: $4,999.00
Non-Members: Not permitted to participate

Advanced Accreditation Training

After an Accreditation Manager successfully completes their New Accreditation Manager Training with either the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agency (CALEA) or the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police (NJSACOP) their training is not over.  Accreditation managers receive advanced and in-service accreditation training through the Coalition.  The Coalition has a robust training program.  These classes are provided throughout the State of New Jersey throughout the year and at the annual Police Accreditation Conference.

Agency Membership: 50% discount ($49.00 for a 4-hour class / $99.00 for an 8-hour class)
Accreditation Manager Membership: 25% discount ($75.00 for a 4-hour class / $150.00 for an 8-hour class)
Non-Members: Full Price ($99.00 for a 4-hour class / $199.00 for an 8-hour class)

Training Through Approved Vendors

The Coalition has partnered with several different companies and organizations to bring high quality police and public safety training to our membership. Our members receive up to a 50% discount per student for each class.

Agency Membership: Up to 50% discount per student
Accreditation Manager Membership: Up to 25% discount per student
Non-Members: Full price

Accreditation Conference

For an added cost, the Coalition provides an annual conference just for accreditation managers.  There are three tracks of training that are unique to their individual needs.  There is an NJSACOP accreditation manager track, a CALEA accreditation manager track, and a professional development track that complements an accreditation managers ability to perform their official duties as an accreditation manager.  The conference is held in the center of the state and it two days filled with nothing but specific accreditation manager related training.

Agency Membership: Two (2) students can attend for the price of one (1)
Accreditation Manager Membership: $50.00 off non-member tuition
Non-Members: Full price

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