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H. Norman Schwartzkopf Award for Excellence in Policing

Policing in the United States is one of the noblest of professions. The selfless act of swearing to a duty bound life is profound and transcends that person to a philosophy greater than them self. The totality of what are entrusted to our society’s police officers is enormous. Their ability to use their skills and experience is universal.  However, some officers rise above the rest through their problem-solving skills, dedication to service, or truly inspirational approach to duty.  These officers are recognized by the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition through the awarding of the H. Norman Schwarzkopf Award for Policing Excellence.

General H. Normal Schwartzkopf was the first Superintendent (Colonel) of the New Jersey State Police. Colonel Schwartzkopf established in 1921 a set of standards, conduct, and traditions New Jersey troopers continue to recognize and perform to this day.  Schwartzkopf was a policing visionary who lead by example and used his life/military skills to solve crimes, including the  Lindbergh Kidnapping, setting into motion an organization that is recognized by many as the most professional and advanced police force in the world. Thus, cementing that great leadership and character in policing can last longer than a lifetime and transcend to an entire organization.  Colonel Schwartzkopf embodied what Excellence in Policing stands for, and recipients of this award share in that time-honored tradition.

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