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What People Are Saying About Us:

I would like to personally thank you for the gracious donation of the NJPSAC. I cannot express to you enough the impression I am left with the Board members and the personal relationships we forged over the past year. I am so very proud that my first endorsement came from the NJPSAC as you are all on the front lines of law enforcement professionalism in New Jersey. Without your support, I could not have begun this journey.

I was humbled by your Coalition’s endorsement and know that with your support we will be successful at the election in Orlando. Having worked with Sgt. Bremer and President Al Sondej over the last few months has reaffirmed the dedication that you have for your members including my agency. The Board and it’s leadership has looked beyond what is expected and has firmly placed itself as a force in the future of New Jersey law enforcement professionalism and leadership.

I sincerely look forward to working with you as IACP 4th Vice President and know firmly that you have a friend in the leadership of the NJSACOP. I invite any of the NJPSAC leadership to feel free to contact me directly at (201) 247-4916 or for anything that I may be of service for in the future.


Paul M. Cell

Chief of Police, Montclair State University Police Department
President, New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police



The Scarsdale Police Department just completed its onsite assessment for CALEA. The team arrived on Saturday and spent many hours going over all of our files and conducting interviews/ride-alongs. The team was impressed with all aspects of the department, especially considering the fact that we had moved out for two years while our headquarters was being renovated. They completed the assessment with only two File Maintenance issues, one of them being related to our renovation.

I just want to thank you, and all the members of the NJPSAC, who participated in our mock assessment. All of the feedback we received from the mock was considered, and corrections were made. I consider the fact that only two file maintenance issues found were attributed to the thorough job the mock assessors performed. Their knowledge of the accreditation process, as well as all the standards, is indicative of the professionalism and commitment that the entire PAC has towards CALEA and accreditation.

On behalf of myself and the Scarsdale Police Department, I want to thank you again on helping make the onsite an easier, and most of all successful process!



Sgt. James Newman
Support Section Sergeant
Scarsdale (NY) Police Department



I want to thank you for all of understanding and assistance you provided in making our journey to our On-Site Assessment for Re-Accreditation reach fruition. This weekend we met with the Accreditation Team of (Retired) Lt. Christopher Winter, Team Leader, and Chief Joseph H. Eisenhardt Jr. These Law Enforcement Professionals were a terrific help in not just doing the required assessment of the standards, they were extremely valuable in recommending ways for us to accomplish our mission in more efficient and effective ways.

I am extremely grateful to you for working with us throughout the past two difficult years and allowing us to continue our goal of re-accreditation with additional time to prepare. There were a number of times that some of us were uncertain we could make it, but your direction and encouragement that was passed on through our Accreditation Manager, Robert Sanger, reassured those with doubts and we forged on. We are all thankful that you supported us and gave us the reinforcement we needed to complete it.


Charles G. Voelker Jr.
Chief of Police
Fairfield (NJ) Police Department


It s with great appreciation that we thank the members of the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition for all of the guidance and assistance our accreditation team and agency received in the months and years leading up to our recent CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation on-site assessment.

It would have been impossible for our agency to be so well prepared for the on-site without benefit of the vast knowledge and experience made available to us through the generosity, hard work, and extreme competence of the NJPSAC members.

The decision our agency made to integrate the NJPSAC into the entire self-assessment phase and mock assessment was the single most important and beneficial project management decision we could have made.

Lieutenant Keith Germain
Accreditation Manager / Patrol Division Commander
Barnegat (NJ) Police Department



On behalf of the Evesham Township Police Department, I would like to send my appreciation to all of the members on the board for their guidance, support and leadership which has assisted our agency to be in a position to be commissioned by CALEA National Accreditation Program. On a personal level, I really appreciated all of the assistance during our Mock assessment, which revealed some glaring issues that we were able to rectify prior to our on-site. The participation in the accreditation process has been very arduous but extremely rewarding.  Please keep up the great work and thanks again for all of the help!

Lt. Christopher Chew
Office of Professional Standards Bureau Commander
Evesham Township (NJ) Police Department
Evesham, New Jersey



I would like to extend my sincere gratitude to you and the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition for again inviting me to your annual conference.

As always, it was a pleasure to attend. The training seminars were informative as well as enjoyable, and Princeton University is among the finest conference locations in the nation. But more significant than the training or the facilities was the opportunity to interact with the members of your Coalition. I was very impressed with the dedication and professionalism of those attending, and it was clear that accreditation is truly supported in New Jersey.

Lt. Ashley Heiberger
Bethlehem Police Department
City of Bethlehem, Pennsylvania



I wanted to take this opportunity to professionally and publicly express my gratitude to members of the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition.  The Perth Amboy Police Department started on their journey in and is very close to being a member of this most prestigious group, the Accreditation Community.

I have been advised by my Accreditation manager who gently steers our ship, the process was an arduous one for her, and she would not have been so close to understanding and putting into place best practices according to Accreditation Standards if it wasn’t for this group.  Your team of professionals assisted my Manager at every turn in a way she could understand; from the first mail off Standards to the Mock.  She visited your PAC meetings and even PAC members’ agencies. 

Most recently the City of Perth Amboy had a change in Administration that truly needed to be educated about this journey; an incredible team answered the call and communicated to the Mayor, Council Members, Officers, and Civilians the whole premise of Accreditation.  I would like you to know myself, along with Deputy Chief EJ McDonald and of course Sergeant Sosulski wanted to express how grateful we are.

We embrace the fact that it is about the journey and not the destination, we wanted to applaud the PAC as a whole for their total support and to recognize the following PAC members for going above and beyond, offering their mentorship to my Perth Amboy Police Family. 

Captain Peg Schmidt and Detective Kathy Stanczak Woodbridge PD, Captain (Ret.) Mike Rogers West Orange, Captain Louis Moreto Manalapan, Sergeant David Finck Monmouth County Sheriff’s Department.

By Skill, Not Force…


Police Chief Michael Kohut
Police Director
Perth Amboy (NJ) Police Department



I just wanted to let you know that we had our 5th Edition on-site last week and it went very well.  On behalf of the Scarsdale Police Department, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you, the New Jersey Pac, and especially the members who visited our Department in June to perform the mock on-site.  They spent two days going over all 459 Standards, diligently I might add, and when they were done, gave us a critical assessment as to the status of our files.  As difficult as it was to listen to their criticisms the day of the exit interview, we in turn looked over each one of their suggestions.  Having only a few standards returned last week is a testament to how well the mock team did in preparing us.  Again, thank you for everything the PAC has provided us with, and in the future, I hope that I may return the favor.


Sgt. James Newman
Accreditation Manager
Scarsdale (NJ) Police Department



…The recognition bestowed upon me by the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition is an honor that transcends any of my professional expectations.  The Coalition is a strong voice for professional law enforcement in the entire nation, especially for New Jersey.  Mark Twain wrote, 'The man with a new idea is a crank until the new idea succeeds.”  In the early years, I certainly can appreciate what Mark Twain wrote.  The progress that the Coalition has made is remarkable and I want to personally congratulate you, the New Jersey Attorney General and the New Jersey State Chiefs of Police Association for having that new idea that without a doubt has succeeded.

This honor will remain etched in my mind and body for eternity.  Ted, I want to personally express my appreciation to you for remembering one that has moved on and always worked to improve the quality of law enforcement services for the people we serve...


Robert J. Falzarano
Chief of Police, retired



“On behalf of the New Jersey State Police, I would like to personally thank you for your participation during our CALEA “Mock” assessment, December 18, 19, 20, 2006. The high level of expertise and technical assistance brought by law enforcement professionals such as yourself, in the pursuit of “Best Practices” by other law enforcement agencies, brings great credit to yourself and your agency. The New Jersey State Police looks forward to becoming part of the CALEA family of nationally accredited law enforcement agencies. If we may be of assistance in matters of mutual concern, please do not hesitate to contact us…”


Colonel Joseph R. Fuentes
New Jersey State Police



“It was a pleasure speaking with you at the Federal Law Enforcement Foundation Event last week. While there are many challenges and new threats, I am glad to know that law enforcement officials, like yourself, are dedicated to the protection and safety of our citizens and , more importantly, willing to share common concerns and solutions. Thank you for your service to our nation. I look forward to working with you.”


Cory Booker
Newark, New Jersey



“The New Jersey Police Chiefs Foundation in conjunction with the New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police have committed to the establishment of a center dedicated to advancing professional police leadership in New Jersey. Our plans are to create a facility that will be used as a centralized executive training and education center, a resource center for the use of all law enforcement executives in the state, as well as a home base of the key organizations serving New Jersey’s law enforcement executives. In light of these goals, we are very pleased to offer the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition a home at the Police Leadership Resource & Training Center… Simply put it is our belief that if this Center is truly to be the Police Leadership Resource & Training Center, organizations such as yours are an important component in fulfilling our mission.”


Mitchell C. Sklar
New Jersey State Association of Chiefs of Police



I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and all the members of the NJPSAC for the generous donation of your time and effort put forth in the performance of the mock assessment for the Chatham Borough Police Department. The assessment was instrumental in guiding us down the final stretch toward our official on-site assessment. The knowledge, expertise, and professionalism exhibited by all of the NJPSAC members who assisted with the mock assessment were unsurpassed. The team did a fantastic job evaluating all our files, reviewing our facilities, monitoring our operations, and providing positive and constructive input.

As a direct result of our mock assessment, I believe that we have developed a great strategic plan and as such will head in to our official on-site focused and confident that we will achieve international accreditation through CALEA. Thank you again for your continued support.


Lt. Philip Crosson
Chatham Borough (NJ) Police Department



“I am pleased to inform you Governor Spitzer has ordered a comprehensive review of New York’s sentencing laws and practices as they relate to the criminal justice system. I have been appointed to the commission and will serve pro bono, as will the other commissioners. A copy of the Executive order is attached for your review. The purpose of my note is to invite your comments, advice, or suggestions.”

With Kindest Regards,

Very Truly Yours,

Anthony Bergamo
Federal Law Enforcement Foundation
New York City



“…I considered my time a value having met you and all the members of the NJPSAC. In my 20 years of service I find this group to be one of the most dedicated in law enforcement. I consider you and everyone else a friend.”

Lt. Joe Abbate
Oaklyn Police (NJ) Department


I would like to recognize and thank the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition for their efforts in assisting my agency as we prepared for national law enforcement accreditation. Members of the Coalition provided direction and mentoring to my accreditation manager and the assistant accreditation manager. I would like to thank you personally for the countless hours of assistance that you provided to my agency throughout our self assessment stage.

The mock assessment that was conducted in June 2007 by members of the Coalition was instrumental in preparation for the on-site assessment. The assessors were professional dealing with my accreditation team throughout the week. During the mock assessment, the Coalition assessors identified a number of areas that needed further attention by this agency. Their attention to detail would become the foundation on which this agency would build upon in final preparation for the on-site assessment.

In September 2007, the national assessment team from the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. arrived in town to conduct the on-site assessment. The assessment went smoothly and methodically throughout the week. When it was over, the assessment team reported that they had discovered two standards in applied discretion compliance. The applied discretions involved two phrases that were immediately changed to reflect compliance. During our exit interview with the assessment team, we were informed that the team is in full agreement in its recommendation that the Chatham Borough Police Department be nationally accredited.

The successful conclusion to this agency's goal of being a nationally accredited law enforcement agency lies in the efforts of the New Jersey Public Safety Accreditation Coalition. I am convinced that without the assistance of the Coalition and its members, our achievements would not have been possible.

Again, thank you and your members for everything that you have provided to my agency.

Chief John W. Drake III
Chatham Borough (NJ) Police Department

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